World Trip 2009: Day 28 – Dahab to Sinai Desert, Egypt

Thursday 18 June 2009
Highlights: Visiting St Catherine’s Monastery

Today we travelled to the town St Catherine our base to visit St Catherine’s Monastery today, and climb Mt Sinai tomorrow.

St Catherine’s Monastery is named after Catherine of Alexandria and was established in 565 and is part of the Greek Orthodox Church.  One of it’s main claims to fame is the supposed religious artefact of the ‘Burning Bush’ that God spoke to Moses from before providing the Ten Commandments.

The Monastery is very old school and provided a great insight into life and architecture in the 400 – 600 AD period.  The was also a lot of religious artefacts in display from this period.

Unfortunately there is always the threat of violence against a Christian religion in this part of Egypt but there no problems when I visited thank goodness.

Me standing under the ‘Burning Bush’ at St Catherine’s Monastery – Sinai Desert, Egypt

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