World Trip 2009: Day 17 – Cairo, Egypt

Today I actually managed to get to breakfast (not eating yesterday after the feast from the multiple plane/lounge visits), very nice spread.  I went for a walk and then broke all my travel rules by talking to a local resident and deciding to book a private car tour. The guy had excellent references from other travellers so I took the risk and agreed to visit Sakkah Pyramids.

These pyramids are from the old kingdom (first kingdom) and were very good and interesting, for a payment (read bribe) a local let me take some photos inside the tombs.

From there we visited the Papyrus Museum or I should say shop, it was however very interesting to see how they make the paper and I ended up buying some scrolls, one for me and two for special people in my life.’ I was also bought to a gold shop but declined to buy. Finally I was returned to the small shop I started at and I ended up buying some perfume. And expensive day to be sure but I was still happy I decided to venture out.

At 6 pm I met our group, tour leader is a local named Ahmed. There are 8 in the group including me, so this is a small group. We have Gloria and Jenny, Mark (from Australia), Stephanie and Marco (USA), Lesley and Amy (who got in later so wasn’t present). So 4 individuals and 2 pairs, looks like a very good mix.

About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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