World Trip 2009-2010: Plans under development

Well I’m further along in the planning for the 2009-10 trip that I’m taking with my nephew Andrew. Previous posts are the initial planning and the phantom booking. Since we are about 2 years from the date we would leave I recently tried booking the trip working backwards from the last date you could book a trip for via QANTAS (2 October 2008).

The new plan is to first fly to London from Melbourne. The original plan was to go to Cairo (via London) however the time in the air is too much and Heathrow has a bad reputation at losing luggage (as I found out transiting via there last year) not a good start if we are in Cairo so starting in an English speaking place is easier.   Well spend about a week in London (longer if possible).

The second stage will be to fly to Cairo and do a 15 day tour there, the Egyptian Journey (with GAP Adventures). This is the same as before (other than being the second stage now).

The third stage sees us flying to New York (via London). We’ll stay in New York for about 10 days (maybe go to Niagara Falls and see a Nick’s basketball game). We should be there for New Years Eve.   No real change here except for this is now the third stage.

The fourth stage will see us fly to Sao Paulo and after spending a few days there go onto Rio to start a 45 day tour Southern Cross. This is different as we weren’t going to Sao Paulo (about 7 hour bus trip from Rio) and we are starting in Rio and finishing in Lima (instead of the other way around). From there will catch a flight back to Melbourne.

Two years is a long time but you need to plan everything out well in advance, especially the money side!

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