Tennis Victory!

On   a warm Saturday my Men’s B Grade team won our grand final against East Coburg by 14 games.   Andrew (my nephew), Tony Hendy, Cameron Hendy and Nick Norman carried the day against a very strong former A grade team. East Coburg dominated the competition only losing 1 match (to us) and having a 200+ percentage.   It was a great win and follows up our 4th placing last summer.   The additional of Nick Norman made a huge difference.   While I went from playing last year’s semi-final to not making the final’s team I had a great year on the court (plus 69 games) and an enjoyable one off with this guys.   Next summer the team will most likely go up to A Grade so I probably won’t be with them but I’m happy I helped made this all possible especially for Nick, Cameron and Andrew. Now it’s onto Myrtleford for the annual Easter Tennis Tournament and a chance to catch up with friends.   This year I’m back playing with Jacqueline Damen in mixed, last time we finished runners up so who knows what this time holds for us both!   I’ve been trying to get into sharp for the long weekend and while my weight hasn’t got better at least I think my fitness is okay. I suppose I’ll find out soon.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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