Political Arrogance

The arrogance of some of the just defeated Liberal party members!!!!! Workchoices was the major issue of the election; time and again it was listed as the major point of difference between Labour and the Liberals. In fact the Liberals complained that Labour was ‘me too’ on almost all their policies. So really if you believe the Liberal party this was the difference. The Australian public overwhelming rejected Workchoices, a policy that the Liberals didn’t even have the integrity to mention to the public at the last election. There is a small opportunity for the Liberals so restored faith in the system, I don’t expect them to vote for the removal of the legislation, just not to vote against it unless the Rudd Government tries to deliver something different than the policy he went to the voters on. The Senate system that doesn’t allow the new members to take their seats until 1 July 2008 shouldn’t be used as a way to stop what the public voted for.

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