The truth about John Howard

Few people don’t think current Australian Prime Minister John Howard isn’t a master politician however that is very far from being a great leader which he is definitely not. John Howard in his first few years in power did show some integrity and courage (the gun reform laws) but it’s been downhill ever since and he let his 1960s view of the world (unions = bad, profits = great, environment = who cares, social justice = only solved by big business profits i.e. trickledown effect). I’m not going to go on in this post about how little truth we have in Australian politics over the last 11 years (children overboard, workplace relations reforms we never knew about, wharf dispute, core and non-core promises etc) I’ll probably talk about them when I’m calmer. I will talk about the interest rate issue and the 2004 election. The government tried (successfully) to link then opposition leader Mark Latham as an ‘L’ plate leader with no economic credibility (why Labour doesn’t stated there is more to life than a few dollars I don’t know) they stated very clearly the would keep interest rates at 30 year lows. When it was pointed out the Reserve Bank sets rates and we are in a world economy which only allows for some input (not control) by the Federal Government this message was mostly ignored (like the Children Overboard issue at the election before they didn’t want facts in the way of the message). The liberals won by a massive amount and gained control of both houses of parliament. This lead to the industrial relation ‘reforms’ they never told us about and the Student Union attacks. Fast forward to 2007 and it seems Australians have had enough. We have had 5 rate raises since the last election. Howard claims they only said they would keep rates at 30 year lows for 2 nights (the two night stand non-core promise??). However he got caught out in a tape of an interview just before the election. Was he shamed by getting caught out in a lie (claiming he never said this), no. While Howard was embarrassed to get caught out he won’t apologise, I’m not sure the guy can apologise (sorry Aboriginals you’ll never get it from this guy).

John Howard, a great politician, yes. John Howard, a truthful and a great leader, no. It’s time to go Mr Howard, enjoy the Sydney lifestyle taxpayers will fund (rightly), we know you hated Canberra. After 11 years your half truths have caught up with you and no amount of negative comments about the credible opposition will work this time. We live in a democracy and saying you have experience as they only reason to vote for you isn’t good enough (taken to its logical conclusion we should never change governments so why vote). Enjoy retirement and hopefully we will get a Senate with no majority for one party and a return to compromise and fair politics in Australia. I’m not scared at all Government’s (federal and state) being Labour, only a Federal Government with no brakes like you had for 3 years.   Goodbye.

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