Day 2 Myrtleford: The Easter Tennis Tournament 2007

Well last night was an experience!   I got very little sleep as I couldn’t find my ear plugs.   Now Jason recorded the noises (snoring doesn’t do it justice) which created some funny moments later in the day.   Apparently one of the children got scared during the night! Anyway with only a few hours sleep I rolled out of my top bunk around 8 am.   My first match wasn’t until 10.30 am so there was no rush for me today.

I started with a bye in the first round of the D grade singles.   My form in singles is like the Melbourne Football Club, one year very good the next terrible.   Two years ago (last time here) I made a semi-final so I expected I’m in for a bad year this time. In the end I actually did win my first match 8-4 which really takes the pressure off later matches.   I did get to watch a few of my clubmates in other matches and I noticed Glen Hay in particular look good.   It turns out we play each other in the next round later in the afternoon. Between matches I walk around the town, and very nice place that has suffered a lot in recent times, from missing children, to fires and lately the drought.   The river behind the courts is basically dry and doesn’t run.   This is my 8th year up here and the first time I’ve seen this.

The climate is changing my friends.   I remember standing on a 5,000 year old glacier in Canada that will be gone in 20 years.   Go to a cold climate and see what is happening. Anyway my match with Glen started well enough I got the first game (after Glen asked me to serve – no one does that).   For the next 50 minutes I felt I was in most points but I couldn’t win the games.   It was only at 1-7 down I thought I was going to lose.   Now at this point my hand started hurting.   I had the beginnings of a blister in my left palm; it was a little painful at this stage but nothing more.

Obviously playing Wednesday night, Thursday for practise and today my body wasn’t used to the matches.   I ended up losing 1-8 and stated Glen was one of the best players to have beaten my in singles, most people didn’t believe me since he is only a social player, we’ll see. Now Good Friday means fish and chips night and a few beers around the fire.

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