Day 1 Myrtleford: The Easter Tennis Tournament 2007

Well the Easter holiday begins for me now.   Last night I played for my mixed B Reserve 2 team and we had another good victory.   I moved past Andrew with a great positive score but I’m sure that will be very short lived.   My left knee is still a little sore from a few weeks back, not enough to cause problems but still it shouldn’t be like that.   Probably due to my recent increased weight 😦 I stayed up at Attwood so my brother Reagan and I could head off more easily in the morning.

I took both the Thursday and Tuesday off work for this 6 day adventure (given workloads not easy to do).   Going up the day before Good Friday is always a great idea.   We stopped off at Benalla for lunch.   We talked about winning the lottery and how a first class world trip would be great present to all our family 🙂 We get out to Myrtleford around 2.30 pm after a 3 hour drive (not counting lunch).   Walking into the camping grounds it seemed like I hadn’t missed the last year.

I do miss the excitement of travelling last year but this should be nice and relaxing.   In the bunk house I ended up sharing with my brother Reagan and brother-in-law Jason.   My nephew Andrew wisely finds somewhere else to sleep.   He knows Reagan’s snoring very well (so do I since I bought ear plugs!).

Very surprisingly the courts were available for players to practise on.   Usually this only happens late in the day.   It was great catching up with club members, now that I live in the city I really on get to see players from my own team who are usually related to me anyway.   Tony got a good fire going and we all talked about life, tennis and footy.   The good life.

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