The real world

I’ve now been back home for just under 2 weeks and I’m really not sure exactly what has happened to the time. Adjusting back can be difficult however I’d have to say I still haven’t since I think I need to actually return to work to say I’m back (which will be this Monday). When I returned I had lots of really good ideas about what my future holds, I’ve felt that I finally have some focus back in my life and that I also have some self-confidence. While I’ve been very lazy these last 2 weeks I have on occasions started doing some of the necessary steps to begin this next stage. I’ve been thinking about these goals and if I’d share them with others. Unlike previous goals these ones are either more personal or far more likely that I’ll fail them. After having dinner with my good friends Adrian & Natalie I’ve decided to go the whole way.

I basically have 6 interlinked goals that I want to achieve by February 2008:
Get down to a healthy weight (82 kgs – currently 95 kgs)
Get promoted (I’ve put this off for a long while now)
Win a tennis tournament (links to getting healthy)
Complete a marathon (a girl on the trip inspired this one)
Get in a serious relationship (I have someone in mind actually)
Stop worrying about what other people think (except the people I love)

I’ve always found myself making excuses not to go after these particular goals and I’ve even put obstacles in the way (like life doesn’t make it hard all by itself!).   Basically I’ve been too afraid to go for the things I really desire, mostly afraid of failing and what others would think. Change is very hard, but behaviour can be learned and unlearned if required.   The next week or two are very important to commencing on the path to happiness I believe I have found.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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