World Trip 2006: Trip Highlights

I’ve just starting to organise my thoughts in regards to the many highlights of my 153 day trip.   I’m sure as I start putting together my photo albums and travel journal I’ll recall many more but for now; I’ve travelled for 153 days, on 8 different airlines and 23 different countries.

2006 Leg 5 China
2006 Leg 4: Canada & USA2006 Leg 3 Eastern Europe Part 22006 Leg 3 Eastern Europe Part 12006 Leg 2 Western Europe Part 42006 Leg 2 Western Europe Part 32006 Leg 2 Western Europe Part 22006 Leg 2 Western Europe Part 12006 Leg 1: South Africa Part 22006 Leg 1 South Africa Part 1

Highlights included
South Africa:
Visiting Robben Island (Cape Town), Soweto, Mandela’s house, the wildlife
Swaziland: The King with 36 wives
France: The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower
England: Hampton Court Place, catching up with Jon, London Eye, Eurostar train trip
Belgium: Catching up with Inge, the chocolate, Fort Breendonk (Gestapo camp)
Holland: Sex District, ‘Coffee’ Shops, Tulips blooming
Germany:  World Cup!!!   Beer halls
Czech Republic: Road Trip (Moravsky Kras Caves)
Austria: Wine Tour & Opera
Switzerland: The Alps and waterfalls
Italy: Sorrento, Gondola ride in Venice, Ancient Rome, Pompeii
Vatican: Michelago’s painting of the ‘Book of Genesis’
Monaco: Yachts and beautiful people on the  beaches
Spain: Bullfights & beaches
Finland: Staying at the Olympic Stadium, Senate Square
Russia: St Petersburg (especially the Winter Palace) & Moscow underground system
Belarussia: Nothing but oppressed people, very sad 😦
Lithuania: Trakai Castle
Latvia: Museum of Occupation
Estonia: Russian Cathedral, Parliament building and the town hall all on one square!
Canada: The Rockies, 10,000 year old glaciers!
USA: Major League Baseball match, being fingerprinted like a criminal 😦
Hong Kong: Shopping, the Giant Buddha, Disneyland
China: The Great Wall, The Terracotta Warriors, riding in the countryside.

Most Embarrassing moment;
(1) Crashing my bike after helping everyone else out
(2) Throwing up everywhere at the last beer hall in Munich

How did it happen to me experience; riding with 5 drop dead gorgeous girls on a gondola in Venice 🙂

Bad feeling experience; British Airways paging me to let me know my luggage was somewhere but definitely not here in Vancouver

About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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