World Trip 2006: Trip Highlights

I’ve just starting to organise my thoughts in regards to the many highlights of my 153 day trip.   I’m sure as I start putting together my photo albums and travel journal I’ll recall many more but for now; I’ve travelled for 153 days, on 8 different airlines and 23 different countries.

2006 Leg 5 China
2006 Leg 4: Canada & USA2006 Leg 3 Eastern Europe Part 22006 Leg 3 Eastern Europe Part 12006 Leg 2 Western Europe Part 42006 Leg 2 Western Europe Part 32006 Leg 2 Western Europe Part 22006 Leg 2 Western Europe Part 12006 Leg 1: South Africa Part 22006 Leg 1 South Africa Part 1

Highlights included
South Africa:
Visiting Robben Island (Cape Town), Soweto, Mandela’s house, the wildlife
Swaziland: The King with 36 wives
France: The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower
England: Hampton Court Place, catching up with Jon, London Eye, Eurostar train trip
Belgium: Catching up with Inge, the chocolate, Fort Breendonk (Gestapo camp)
Holland: Sex District, ‘Coffee’ Shops, Tulips blooming
Germany:  World Cup!!!   Beer halls
Czech Republic: Road Trip (Moravsky Kras Caves)
Austria: Wine Tour & Opera
Switzerland: The Alps and waterfalls
Italy: Sorrento, Gondola ride in Venice, Ancient Rome, Pompeii
Vatican: Michelago’s painting of the ‘Book of Genesis’
Monaco: Yachts and beautiful people on the  beaches
Spain: Bullfights & beaches
Finland: Staying at the Olympic Stadium, Senate Square
Russia: St Petersburg (especially the Winter Palace) & Moscow underground system
Belarussia: Nothing but oppressed people, very sad 😦
Lithuania: Trakai Castle
Latvia: Museum of Occupation
Estonia: Russian Cathedral, Parliament building and the town hall all on one square!
Canada: The Rockies, 10,000 year old glaciers!
USA: Major League Baseball match, being fingerprinted like a criminal 😦
Hong Kong: Shopping, the Giant Buddha, Disneyland
China: The Great Wall, The Terracotta Warriors, riding in the countryside.

Most Embarrassing moment;
(1) Crashing my bike after helping everyone else out
(2) Throwing up everywhere at the last beer hall in Munich

How did it happen to me experience; riding with 5 drop dead gorgeous girls on a gondola in Venice 🙂

Bad feeling experience; British Airways paging me to let me know my luggage was somewhere but definitely not here in Vancouver

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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