World Trip 2006: Day 137 – Hong Kong

Saturday 12 August 2006
Highlights: Disneyland, Giant Buddha at the Po Lin monastery

Today I planned to visit a major corporate icon (Hong Kong Disneyland) and a giant spiritual one (The Giant Buddha).  I have to say that I enjoyed Hong Kong Disneyland very much; in fact it is now my favourite over Paris, LA & Florida.

The live Disneyland shows had a great energy to them and are significantly different from the other Disney Parks.   In particular the “Golden Mickey’s” show managed to bring together lots of Disney favourites.   The “Lion King” live performance was also very clever and well performed.   The performers really throw themselves into their jobs; it made me wonder why some of them were not on a bigger stage. While Hong Kong Disney is probably the smallest of the Disney Parks I have visited and I only went on one ride (Space Mountain) the live shows made it the best park.   I’d recommend a visit.

As the Giant Buddha was also on Lantau Island at the Po Lin monastery this was my spiritual visit.   Just getting to the Giant Buddha is an interesting experience; let’s just say it’s best not to look out the front of the local bus onto the small road (often down to one lane total overlooking great falls!). The Giant Buddha is a very inspiring visit; once you climb the 200 odd steps you can almost have a vision yourself 🙂

The views from the tops make the climb worth it, and it was free (once you get there that is), which is rare in Hong Kong.   Even here in the capitalist dream people still need some spiritual enlightenment.

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