World Trip 2006: Day 136 – Hong Kong

Friday 11 August 2006
Highlights: Hong Kong Tour (Stanley Market, Victoria Peak, Sampans), Ladies Market

With the Hong Kong leg of my trip basically organised by my mum who will be staying with me for the next 3 nights.  Mum had booked a welcome tour of Hong Kong. Starting early (well for Hong Kong since most people don’t seem to get up until about 11 am) we got an orientation tour of the surrounding sites.   One of the first stops was to see the Sampans, boats that supposedly still fish in the traditional way.   Next up was a visit to a jewellery maker whose prices would have taken out all my remaining cash and more, very expansive which is why they give out ‘free’ drinks.

A better stop was at the Stanley Market which gives you an opportunity to buy almost anything you could imagine (which is legal!).   In many ways it reminded me of the Victoria Market back home in Melbourne although it was setup very differently.   I managed to not buy anything (I’ll have that chance in China) however my mum managed to pick up a lot of bargains and gifts. The last official stop was Victoria Peak from which you get fantastic views of Hong Kong Island.   We caught the bus up and the cable car/tram down.   Going down you felt the buildings were going to fall down as we were on a very big angle (don’t try to stand).

On the advice of a good friend I visited the Ladies Market during the night.   Well first up that is when everyone comes out to play, it was crazy and has a result it seemed hotter than the day.   Again my mum found some bargains (I think Hong Kong is her kind of place).   I on the other hand just watched the deeply capitalist system at work.

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