World Trip 2006: Day 93 – Barcelona, Spain

Thursday 29 June 2006
Highlights: Las Rambas, Placa de Catalunya fountain

After a long hot night sleeping on top of the bed (I think it was 30 degrees in the room!)  I set off with me new South Africa friend John, to explore the city.

Today we visited:

– Placa de Catalunya, with its beautiful fountain;
– Las Rambas, walked down this street and soaked up the atmosphere;
– Borri Gotic sector, which is the Gothic sector of the city with the Cathedral being the best example of this in Europe I have seen so far
– Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar (a beautiful little church);
– The beach front (this is man made); and
– Mercat de la Boqueria, which is a fresh food market the fruit actually lights up the whole market it is so colourful

The city is actually very beautiful and not dirty at all unlike some other places (Paris, Rome etc).   Another hot night is ahead; next time I visit I’ll need to book a place with air conditioning to better enjoy this amazing city.


Placa de Catalunya

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