World Trip 2006: Day 70 – Lucerne, Switzerland

Tuesday 6 June 2006
Highlights: Boat cruise on Lake Lucerne, Buying an iconic Swiss Army Knife

Today was a lazy relaxing day which started with a very big breakfast which was free with accommodation.  This was followed with a idyllic boat cruise around Lake Lucerne with Jess and Shannon.  The Swiss sure have some of the most scenic sites in Europe.

Cruising on Lake Lucerne

When Luke joined us later in the day we went shopping now that things were open and I found a great Swiss Army knife place which was on my must do while in Switzerland. The four of us then went to the Supermarket and we made a great dinner (rolls, chicken, salad, wine, soft drink and even a desert).  Great people once again.

I also got a chance to speak to a few USA citizens while they are in Lucerne.   Most USA backpackers only get 3-4 weeks maximum to see Europe which is a real shame.

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