World Trip 2006: Day 69 – Lauterbrunnen to Lucerne, Switzerland

Monday 5 June 2006
Highlights: Walking tour of Lucerne, The Lion of Lucerne

Early in the morning I had my last chance to take in the fresh air and amazing sights of Lauterbrunnen for the last time before the short bus ride to Lucerne.

The view from my campsite in Lauterbrunnen

During the bus trip to Lucerne I decided with Luke, Jess,  and Shannon that we would explore together over the next 2 days.   Unfortunately the hotel didn’t let us check into 3 pm so we all went down to the Central Train station to check out tourist information for inspiration.

With today being a public holiday so most things were closed however we did get to do a very good walking tour of Lucerne.   The most moving monument here was the Lion of Lucerne with is to remember over 600 Swiss who died defending a castle.   The lion is also dying which is unusual for a national monument.

The Lion of Lucerne

As all 4 of us were very short on money we spent the night searching for a cheap eat, and finally found a very dark alley which sold kebabs, at one stage we asked about whether free water was included (I’m not kidding), yes real Aussie the backpackers were in town 🙂

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