World Trip 2006: Day 50 – Dalecin, Czech Republic

Wednesday 17 May 2006
Highlights: Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church),  hiking a mountain

To mark the 50th day on the road I decided to undertake a 2 day road trip into the country area.   I was the only person to get into the trip from my hostel, so taking off with 7 strangers we headed out to the ‘Bone Church’. The Church became famous after a priest returned from Rome with some holy dirt.   The rich and elite wanted to be buried at this small church and eventually over 30,000 people were buried.

Due to this they had to dig out older graves.   In the 17th century a monk start using the bones to make structures and art inside the church.   It is very weird.  We then drove the van to Dalecin, a nice small village.   Hiking up the local mountain I got to see some great views of the local area.   The mountain in winter is used for skiing.

The best part of the day however was at night, the 8 of us had unlimited beer and wine available to us and after a great home cooked dinner (and meeting Roger the local black rabbit) the night got going.

Apparently Canadians play a game called “Bite the Box” very funny game.   We also played a few after drinking games and at about 1 am I went to bed in this outback new hostel (14 max people).   Probably the best choice I’ve made on this trip.

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