World Trip 2006: Day 21 – Knysna to De Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa

Tuesday 18 April 2006
Highlights: Exploring Knysna Bay by boat

So people had to recover from their drinking sessions last night, we finished off last night designing our tour shirts, which we picked up later in the day (very good if I do say so myself).   We again visited the town of Knysna but this time we went out in a boat to the head of the bay.   Unfortunately we couldn’t go out to sea as it was too rough however that meant we got some good action even instead the bay.

No insurance company will insure boats entering this bay (about 8 wrecks from memory).   After this we headed off to De Hoop Nature Reserve.   Having the need for fire I don’t think the staff of the reserve will be happy with our solution for a lack of fire wood however it kept us all warm 🙂

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