World Trip 2006: Day 20 – Knysna, South Africa

Monday 17 April 2006
Highlights: I did a crazy Bungee Jump!!!

Well today I proved I could jump to my death by leaping (or falling) from a bridge 216 metres of the ground.   On a very wet day we headed out for a chance to jump.   Chickening out we all thought it was too wet how the brave German Joern decided to go for it.   While we eat lunch he went across to the bridge with 20 other people.   Eventually shame got the best of me and I said ‘I’m doing this’ a little louder than I intended.

Surprisingly 4 others joined me, Niels (well no surprise here), Anika, Inge and Carola.   We got to go out by ourselves and as we knew each other the operators let us walk around more.   They pump up the music and get you hyper.   Inge was the first to go followed by myself.

Luckily the weather cleared just in time for our jumps. I’d like to say I leaped out, that was the idea, but somehow my legs lost their power either way I was gone.   You actually wait around 2 minutes for the operators to come and get you and pull you back up.   I can tell you we were all hyper for hours after.   It was CRAZY.

I actually jumped!

Take crazy idiot is me screaming like a little girl!!

We didn’t go on the “Otter Trail” as it was far too wet (this was before the jump).   Later in town I decided to write to people via internet as it had been 2 weeks since the last time.   The rest of the group eventually found themselves for an unplanned drinking session.   I think Marjia was very drunk 🙂

I had adrenaline pumping though me all night hours after the jump.

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