World Trip 1999-2000: Day 98 – Stirling to Belfast, Northern Ireland

Tuesday 15 February 2000
Highlights: Ferry crossing to Northern Ireland.

After very little sleep we started our second last long travel day.  The American in our room was sick and coughing and an Asian kept talking in his sleep so I only got 2 hours sleep.  We caught the 9.30 am train to Glasgow and than a train to Stranneat.  From here we caught a ferry service to Belfast.

The ferry cost £20 and basically had all the features including a McDonalds and Duty Free shopping.  The crossing did get a little rough and Jon did not find that very enjoyable 🙂

We ended up staying at the Linen House Hostel, an independent hostel which only opened recently and cost £6.50 per night for a 18 bed dorm!  Luckily there were only five others in the room including 1 American girl and 2 other Australians and we stayed up to 2 am talking.

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