World Trip 2023: Day 16 – Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Jeti-Oguz Gorge, Kyrgyzstan – Heartbreak Ridge

Sunday 14 May 2023
Highlights: Hiking Jeti-Oguz Gorge, Hiking Karakol National Park

Today we set off to hike Jeti-Oguz Gorge which was about 30 minute drive on semi-rough and bumpy road. We started with a stop at Heartbreak Ridge, the natural landscape of Kyrgyzstan is a treasure of the world.

Arriving at our hiking starting point, the Seven Bulls ridge, we set off at around 9.50 am for a relaxing hike exploring the canyon. Horses, running streams and mountains where the highlights of this hike.

Jeti-Oguz Gorge, Kyrgyzstan – The Seven Bulls

We reached the furtherest point of our hike near a small home for horsemen and were greated by an adorable puppy and a few minutes later some rain and hail. With luck on the timing of the weather we actually had some cover until the rain stopped.

Jeti-Oguz Gorge, Kyrgyzstan – it got a little wet

Setting back this time there was more water on the path and the streams were running a little faster. We got back to our starting point around 1.30 pm and it was time to return to Karakol for some free time in the afternoon.

Jeti-Oguz Gorge, Kyrgyzstan

Aimee was keen to explore the snow slopes in Karakol National Park, even though we are out of season, and 4 our tour members including me joined her in this optional excursion that cost each member 600 som (200 entry and 400 each to cover driver).

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan – Karakol National Park

As the slopes were out of season the lifts were not in operation so we hiked up the mountain to enjoy the landscape. Along the way we came across small patches of snow which was unexpected so far out of the season.

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan – Karakol National Park

We made it about two thirds of the way to the top before we had to turn around. Getting down is a bit more difficult than going up given the slopes and the slippy conditions but luckily Ingrid who has a lot of experience in ski slopes helped me find more stable pathes on the way down. It was a tough and exhilarating hike.

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan – Karakol National Park

For dinner we visited a local family for an included dinner. The family was originally from China but had to leave due to persecution. The meal was different to most of the meals in Kyrgyzstan so far and very lovely. At the conclusion of dinner we discussed border crossing tomorrow to Kazakhstan and what to expect.

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