World Trip 2023: Day 7 – Selçuk to Pamukkale, Türkiye

Pamukkale, Türkiye – Hierapolis white travertine terraces

Friday 05 May 2023
Highlights: Hierapolis Ruins, White travertine terraces, Cleopatra Antique Pool, Whirling Dervishes Ceremony

How last big drive day was to take between 3-4 hours and it happened to be in the rain which all things considered is lucky as we are safe inside the mini bus. We had lunch on arrival at Pamukkale, checked in to our hotel and for changed for our visit to the Hierapolis Ruins.

Hierapolis (Holy City) has been used as a spa since at least the 2nd century BC as a Greek city. The area is famous for the travertine limestone deposited by the hot springs. In 133 BC that area transferred to the control of the Romans. The Hierapolis experience two major earthquakes in 17 and 60 AD leading to being rebuilt into Roman style which today’s ruins represent.

Pamukkale, Türkiye – Hierapolis white travertine terraces

The white travertine terraces are made up of limstone with the warm water bringing additional deposits everyday.

Next up was a visit to the Cleopatra Antique Pool. It is so named it is believed that the famous Cleopatra (Queen of Egypt) swam in this pool and it’s waters blessed Cleopatra with great beauty. The waters was supposed to cure many illnesses and the pool itself has Roman columns in it’s waters.

Pamukkale, Türkiye – Hierapolis Cleopatra Antique Pool

The last place I visited was the magnificent Hierapolis theatre.

Pamukkale, Türkiye – Hierapolis Theatre

On returning to the hotel 3 tour members (including me) decided to attend the Whirling Dervishes Ceremony. This optional extra costed 400 Turkish Lira. The ritual is performed to the sound of chanting and music from a reed flute and other instruments. As they whirl, the dervishes’ right hands are symbolically turned upward toward God, while their left hands are turned downward to Earth. The ceremony ends as it starts, with the recital of prayers.

You can’t take photos during the religous ceremony but after it is over the participants come back for a small performance that can be recorded reflecting a small part of the earlier ceremony.

Pamukkale, Türkiye – Whirling Dervishes Ceremony

Tomorrow we travel back to Istanbul which starts with an hour drive at 6.15 am to Cardak for a 8.20 am flight back to where the tour started.

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