Lounge Review: Singapore Airlines SilverKris (Business Class) – Singapore Airport (Terminal 3)

When visited: 30 April 2023
Time of day: Midnight

Rating: 4.5 / 5


The Singapore Airlines SilverKris (Business Class) Lounge in Terminal 3 of the Changi Airport is an excellent business class lounge in Singapores home port.

The lounge is a huge area with multiple hot and cold food options with an Asian focus but also western style food. A brillant way to refresh before a long flight


  • First Class Customers (including departing on other Star Alliance Flights)
  • Business Class Customers (including departing on other Star Alliance Flights)
  • Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members
  • KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Star Alliance Gold members

I gained access by flying Singapore Airlines Business Class (Singapore to Istanbul) and breifly attended while transiting.

This KrisFlyer lounge (there are several) is located in Terminal 3 near Gates A1-12. You take escalators up one level and have to ticket or membership card scanned.

Lounge Opening hours: This lounge is open 24 hours.

Note: I had not planned to access this lounge as all while in transit due to tight times as a result I only accessed this lounge for 30 minutes before heading to my boarding gate and a lot of that time was taken using the shower suites.

The lounge has both a First Class (split into First and The Private Room) and Business class areas. The Business Class lounge is supposed to cover 32,000 square feet and allow for up to 570 guests.

There are a wide range of seating options, from semi private leather style chairs, to cafeteria type seating and communal tables.

A selection of hot foods was available at the time I visited (just after midnight local time), mostly Asian style (noodles, soups, curries, dum sum, rice based), pasta and several western options (chips, nuggets).

For cold items there is large range of fresh fruits, salad, yogurt, ice cream, cheese and crackers, mixed nuts, biscuits and sandwishes.

There is full bar service offering a wide range of drinks. I also noticed multiple espresso machinesand fully stocked fridges carry an assortment of soft drinks, beers, wines, and juices.

Includes: Toilets / Showers / Wi-Fi (fast speeds) / Power Charging Outlets (with USB ports), Chidlren’s play area.

There is a Shower suite area with at least 8 showers available. Shower had good water pressure. Towels are present within the room, and generic shampoo/conditioner/body wash pumps are also available.

Note: Make sure you lock the shower suite correctly as I had a cleaner start to enter, a shock for both of us!


  • The showers.
  • The large open area
  • The convenience
  • The very fast wifi
  • Large range of food
  • The elegance


  • Nothing

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