Outback Australia 2022: Day 16 – Coober Pedy to Melbourne, VIC

Saturday 03 September 2022.
Highlights: The Ghan experience, Returning home

Today was the last few hours on The Ghan. Waking up around 6.30 am after a nice sleep in my cabin I realised that we were only a few hours out from Adelaide and the end of The Ghan experience.

Three hours outside Adelaide

One last shower in the mini bathroom was successfully completed and clothes were repacked to allow for easily removal to my backpack on arrival.

One last on train meal was our breakfast which once again was very tasting and filling. Unfortunately they were out of orange juice again but everything else was great. Today we were seated with a couple from New Zealand, the first non-Australian we spoken to on this 16 day journey. The meals on the train give you a chance to meet new people as the tables are set for four people. Each time it’s someone different.

After breakfast we spend some time in the Explorer Lounge and the landscape was something very different from this trip, lush greenery and a lot of wind farms.

Once we got close to Adelaide the train was separated in two as the length was too long for the platform. Our carriage was in the front half and arrived first. This meant I got to watch the second half of The Ghan train arrive 🙂

Adelaide, SA – Second half of The Ghan arrives.

Bags were ready for collection roughly 15 minutes after both trains had arrived and with taxis waiting it didn’t take long until we were at the Adelaide Airport probably 30 minutes after arrival.

While our flight wasn’t for 4.5 hours QANTAS allowed for a bag drop and it was into the QANTAS Lounge for early lunch and reviewing trip photos. Before I knew it we were boarding our 4 pm flight home this time in economy. Kara had an aisle seat with me on the ‘window’ (but there wasn’t a window!) and an empty middle seat.

Jason picked us up from the airport and took me home. I was immediately greeted by two cats very happy to see my return. And like an amazing 16 day trip was over and dreams of future travel commenced.

Melbourne, VIC – A big welcome home

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