Outback Australia 2022: Day 8 – Kununurra, WA

Friday 26 August 2022.
Highlights: Lake Argyle and Bungle Bungle scenic flight, Ivanhoe Crossing, Mini hike Miriam National Park (including wallaby sighting), Kelly’s Knob lookout.

Today was a very early start (5 am) to an incredible experience flying from Kununurra flying over Lake Argyle, Bungle Bungle, and Argyle Diamond Mine. Both Kara and myself were obviously keen once again up before our alarm. Fourteen of our tour group signed up for todays experience. We were all very eager for our flight on arrival at the airport.

Kununurra, WA – Early morning scenic flight

This has for the most part a smooth flight. There was 13 passenger seats in the plane, one next to the pilot, and 4 rows of 3 seats across in a 1 seat, then small aisle, and then 2 seats. Kara and me were allocated row 2 with Kara getting the window seat.

Kununurra, WA – Scenic flight

The flight first went to Lake Argyle tracing to a degree the cruise we did yesterday afternoon but in reverse. But this time we got to see the full Lake which is massive in size despite only be 82% full (it got to 200% full in 2011).

Kununurra, WA – Lake Argyle

From here we flew to Bungle Bungle area which has distinctive beehive-shaped towers made up of sandstones that started settling around 350 million years. The combined effects of wind and rainfall over millions of years shaped the domes we see today (our pilot had a lot of information to tell us).

Kununurra, WA – Bungle Bungle

Next up we flew our the Argyle Diamond Mine that we visited a few days back. This time we could see how big the mine was as last time we weren’t allowed on the now closed mine.

Kununurra, WA – Argyle Diamond Mine

After nearly 2 hours on approach to Kununurra Airport we experience a little air turbulence on our amazing early morning flight.

After arriving back at our Resort and having a quick breakfast those tour members still around set off for a mini tour of the surrounding area while the rest of the group were on a full day fly and 4WD exploration of the Bungle Bungle.

During this mini tour we visited Ivanhoe Crossing which has strong rushing water that 4WD can cross. You have to watch out as apparently there are a lot of saltwater crocodiles in this area.

Kununurra, WA – Ivanhoe Crossing
Kununurra, WA – Ivanhoe Crossing

Next up was a visit and mini hike, graded level 4 difficulty, around Miriam National Park. We also got lost on the different parks but Kara had it figured. I managed to get close to some mountain wallabies with one even in a selfie.

Kununurra, WA – Miriam National Park

From here we went to Kelly’s Knob which had a much easier climb and provided for some great views of the Kununurra township.

Kununurra, WA – Kelly’s Knob

Kara and myself got dropped off in the township and went for some much deserved thick-shakes and from here we walked back to the Resort for some pool time while doing some clothes washing.

Kununurra, WA

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