Outback Australia 2022: Day 6 – El Questro Wilderness Park, WA

Wednesday 24 August 2022.
Highlights: Exploring the Pentecost River, Chamberlain Gorge, Hiking to Emma Gorge.

We woke up before our alarm to the birds singing and a strong wind blowing. We were later to find out the strong wind meant the cruise up Chamberlain Gorge had to be cancelled. However this gave us more time to explore El Questro Wilderness Park.

Before breakfast we went on a short walk exploring the local area and enjoying the sun rising across this property surrounded by rock cliffs.

Emma Gorge Resort – Early morning

With extra time in El Questro Wilderness Park our tour leader took us to the Pentecost River. We did a stone and rock river crossing that in the wet season would have had the water over the buses roof!

El Questro Wilderness Park, WA – Pentecost River

Driving around a fraction of the million acre El Questro Wilderness Park we got to enjoying the picturesque mountain ranges.

El Questro Wilderness Park, WA

We still visited Chamberlain Gorge even without the cruise. And the little we could seeing again demonstrated the beauty of this landscape.

El Questro Wilderness Park, WA – Chamberlain Gorge

We had lunch at the El Questro Station exploring the property and saying hello to some horses and watching the resident artist paint a picture of some Boab trees.

El Questro Wilderness Park, WA – Boab Tree

Back at the Emma Gorge Resort we quickly got change and went on a 1.6 kilometres hike (so 3.2 km return). Twenty five of our thirty five group started this hike, not all made it and two ended up with minor injuries.

Emma Gorge Hike is about to begin

This was a difficult hike due to it being the middle of a WA hot day and having many rough, big and small, rocks to navigate as we went up and down. At different points you had to jump from one smooth rock to another and hope you had sure footing.

Emma Gorge Hike – Some difficult climbs

Kara was amazing on this hike, finding some of the best ways forward and at times I struggled to keep to her pace as I was unsure of my footing.

Emma Gorge Hike – Time for a swim

At the end of the 1.6 km hike we found ourselves at the actual Emma Gorge and took the opportunity to go into the very refreshing water. I went for a bit of swim and even touched the far rock wall which had water falling.

Emma Gorge Hike – that me swimming at the back

Hiking back Kara got into a conversation with a member of our group and they raced ahead. I think they were surprised when they found themselves back at the campsite.

Emma Gorge Hike – Success

We finished the hike with a quick, relaxing and cold swim in the campsite swimming pool. Our muscles are already showing some soreness. We swapped stories with others who successfully completed the hike at dinner while enjoying some cold and refreshing drinks with a well earned thirst.

A well earned drink

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