Travel 2022 and Beyond

Back in November I outlined my next likely international trip which would see me exploring Central Asia (Silk Road) and Turkey around May 2022.

I put down tour deposits and even managed to get my employer to approve leave for this trip. Unfortunately COVID, and in particular the slow pace of vaccinations in Australia, has seen Federal Government Ministers talk down allowing much travel outside of Australia during 2022 forcing me to rethink my travel plans

That has meant I have had to reconsider my forward trip plans which originally was:

  1. 2022 Central Asia and Turkey
  2. 2023 Outback Australia
  3. 2024 – 2025 Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas (a huge world trip)

With everything that has occurred and likely to occur I’m now strongly considering bringing forward the Outback Australia trip to July 2022 and pushing Central Asia and Turkey back to April 2023.

The biggest problem is that the Outlook Australia tour, which includes both the Ghan Overland and Indian Pacific Overland epic train journeys, is very expense which was why I initially had it listed for 2023 to allow more time to save up but I think that with some sacrifices I can make it happen in 2022 instead.

Shell Beach, Western Australia – A possible 2022 destination

This Outback Australia trip would be very epic, exploring some of the remotest parts on one of the remotest continents in the world (and my home country). Before I started travelling the world I did a bit of travelling around Australia but not to areas off the grid with almost no people or facilities, limited to no power or mobile phone coverage.

I’m very excited about this particular trip, in fact I have been since primary school when the school used to show us outback Australia adventure documentaries.

This is everything I would be doing.

Cable Beach, Western Australia

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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