Andrew and Danelle’s Wedding

On Friday 6 March 2020 I had the honour of attending the wedding of my nephew Andrew and his amazing fiancé Danelle.

Andrew and Danelle had been engaged for sometime to ensure they were right for each other and for almost 2 years at one point they lived with me while saving for their future home.

I remember holding Andrew when he was a baby, picking him up for after school care when he was 8, him and his mother Kara living with me for a short while when he was in primary school, and taking Andrew on a world trip when he graduated from high school. How had he become this outstanding man who could find a woman like Danelle?

The just married happy couple

The wedding and reception was held at Stones of the Yarra Valley, a lovely venue. The wedding service was held in a equally lovely Chapel with the celebrant telling in depth story of their lives and finding each other.

My sister Kara was especially radiant on this day wearing a stunning blue dress. Kara has gotten herself into healthy habits in the last year and was glowing during the day.

The reception was held in the Barn and started with the couples first dance which was full of surprises starting with a slow dance and then going immediately upbeat as they danced around the room (Andrew stylishly removing his jacket). As they ended their dance Danelle even got me out onto the dance floor! That was the start a few unexpected dances (I’m a terrible dancer).

Andrew marks the first of the next generation to get married and I couldn’t have been happier for them both.

The Gauci-Cairns-Burgess Family before the wedding

Wedding Photos

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