Lounge Review – Kathmandu Radisson Executive Lounge

When visited: October 2018
Time of day: Evening (20.40 to 22.25)
Rating: 3.5 / 5

This is an independent lounge with the majority of airlines using this airport allowing business class passengers access (such as myself). You can also access with a Priority Pass or Lounge Key membership neither of which I have.

The lounge is located after Immigration but before Security. This means you will have to leave the lounge early to get past security and to your gate on time. When you clear Immigration turn right and the lounge is just pass the Thai Royal Silk Lounge.

If accessing as a business class passenger of an eligible airline they will have given you a lounge pass at checkin which you surrender upon entry.

The lounge stretches along the tarmac with the main entry having the biggest area which leads to the food and beverage area and then onto a smaller sitting area which includes a smoking lounge and private rooms.

There is both a buffet food area and a counter food area which also serves drinks. The buffet served hot food like grilled fish, streamed pumpkin, plain rice and sautée vegetables.

The counter area served fresh fruit, cheese and biscuits, cakes and sandwiches. I selected cheese sandwich which they heated up for me and Sprite soft drink.

There are limited powerpoints in the lounge and the one I was seated near I couldn’t get to consistently work as the power converter I was using kept getting falling out. The seating is comfortable and while the lounge got to about 80% full for late night departures there were still sitting seating options.

There are no showers (which is why this lounge is rated below a 4/ 5) and I didn’t notice toilets anywhere but I could have missed them.

The lounge wifi was good enough to stream a TV show without pause from Australia. There are also some Indian, Chinese, and Western papers available for reading.

This lounge is very comfortable and way better than you’d expect in an airport like this one. The food selection is reasonable, the staff attentive including walking around the lounge informing you when you need to start clearing security to make you flight.

No shower, it’s obviously not a deal breaker but before any long haul flight, or in this case a short 4.5 hour overnight flight, I find freshening up is critical to a good flight.

I liked this lounge for what it is, an oasis to relax before your flight with some food and drinks. Given you can only checkin 3 hours before your flight and it takes up to 30 minutes from check in to lounge, and than you need to leave early for security checks to get to your gate you will only have a short stay here which is good enough to unwind and recall the adventures that lead you to Nepal in the first place.

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