Flight Review – 3U8720 Kathmandu to Lhasa

Airline: Sichuan Airlines
Gate: 3
Seat 24E: (economy middle seat)
Plane: A319
Boarded 11.34 (by bus & stairs)
Pushback 12.00
Departed: 12.11 (Scheduled 11.30)
Arrived: 15.31 (Scheduled 15.10)
Duration: 1 hour 05 minutes
Distance: 572 kms

Travelling with a group as part of the G Adventures High Road to Tibet tour we had an included return flights between Kathmandu (Nepal) and Lhasa (Tibet). The company organised a group Tibet visa which we picked up at the airport.

Check in Airport
Check in at Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu Airport) for Sichuan Airlines appeared to be fairly chaotic but our local guide worked everything out eventually.

Security was standard for international flight with no major delays other than having to ensure the group was in the same order as the group visa.

There is a small food and seating area just passed emigration / customs control, in this area are to lounges which I didn’t have access to today. You need to keep an eye out for boarding time as you will still need to get pass another security check point for metal and liquids, the lines are segregated into male and female.

In the final area you then go to your gate and wait for a bus to take you to the plane to board.

The Seat
There is a small business class area followed by economy.

Economy seats were 3 x 3, I was allocated a middle seat which still allowed me some views of the Himalayas during the flight.

These flight included lunch, we were provided with a water and later a coffee / tea option. The lunch pack included:

  • Organic Yak Yogurt
    Three muffins
    Salted peanuts
    One chocolate
    Wipes from Tibet

The flight attendants provide right level of service, the meal were delivered quickly, passengers were reminder to not have electronic devices playing during take off and landing.

Entertainment System
The is no entertainment system on this flight.

The Flight
We were delayed by abut 40 minutes but made up some time in the air. We hit air turbulence several times during the flight, nothing serious but I noticed how close to the mountains we were when it occurred.

We left the plane at Lhasa Gonggar Airport via air bridge. Immediately felt the difference in oxygen levels at 3,570 metres above sea level. Immigration required our group to be in the same order as the group visa. Strictly no photos anywhere in the airport as this is also used for Chinese military. Daypacks and checked bags were scanned at the airport before you could leave and my passport was re-checked on leaving the airport.

A good short flight with spectacular views and good included meal for such a short flight. Security is very tight at Lhasa Gonggar Airport so just be polite and courtesy to customs and military personnel at all times.

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