Hong Kong, Nepal and Tibet Trip is Here

So I’m now less than 24 hours out from my next overseas trip. This 19 day trip will cover Hong Kong, Nepal and Tibet with Nepal and Tibet being new countries to visit (although Tibet is special region of China and I have visited China before in 2006).

It has only been 9.5 months since I returned from my epic two month Africa trip but I feel like I need a break from work and to immense myself once again in the real world instead of the business world I find myself in professionally. While work is both challenging and fulfilling I can’t help occasionally recalling the amazing nature and cultural the planet has to offer when sitting in 2-3 hour meetings.

The trip is centred on High Road to Tibet tour which is run by one of my favourite tour companies G Adventures. This will give me a chance to experience Kathmandu, visit Everest and better understand Tibetan society.

My flights will be a mix of long haul economy with Qantas to Kong Kong from Melbourne (been a while for long haul economy) which I’m hopefully of getting a vacant seat next to my window seat, and Cathay Dragon regional business class (Hong Kong to Kathmandu and back) and Cathay Pacific Long Haul Business Class (Hong Kong to Melbourne on overnight flight).

Tomorrow I’ll start this trip with a visit to Qantas Melbourne First Class lounge which I last visited in November 2017 and is one of the best in the world. This time I’m hoping to access their Day Spa before my mid morning flight. As I only get access as Qantas Platinum member I only get access to the Spa after First Class passengers have had a chance to book (which is as it should be).

Given my Qantas Platinum membership will be ending in January 2019 and there is no chance I’ll get back to this level I intent to make the most of this trip for using first class lounges!

That brings my to my lounge crawl in Hong Kong on Saturday as I wait for my evening flight from there to Kathmandu. I’ve extract a lounge guide from several sources on the internet to make the most of this last chance experience:

Then it will be on to the main event the Nepal & Tibet tour.

Getting excited now!

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