Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 53 Swakopmund, Namibia

Saturday 13 January 2018. Photos.
Highlights: Dolphin Cruise, Fork n Nice (Fish & Chips vendor)

Today I had selected a dolphin cruise option for my stay in Swakopmund and three tour members joined me; Gaelle, Rita and Isabelle. As we were being picked up at 8 am our crew organised for lunch at 7.30 am. It turned out the tour operator was running late and had to sent a personal driver instead of the bus to pick us up. The 20 minute drive to the port / pier still meant we got their in time for the 9 am sailing time.

While this was called the Dolphin Cruise there is never a guarantee of dolphins and today we did miss out on them but instead we got wonderful seals including some who boarded our boat and we got to interact with. I even got to pat two of the very friendly ones 🙂

The ride around the coast also took us to oyster farm which is apparently a huge industry here now after they initially had to import oyster. The waters ensure the oyster grow big and fast. We also visited a seal colony and it was seals everywhere with some kayakers getting fairly close.

During our cruise we had a number of pelicans also joined us on the boat deck and I once again got to pat some wild pelicans.

The cruise ended with a very nice ‘light’ lunch to go with the unlimited drinks (including alcohol) during the 3 hour cruise. There was so much food I’m surprised they call it a light lunch.

This also meant that when I returned to Swakopmund I deferred my visit to Fork n Nice mobile food tuck that Ella and Laura recommended for as long as possible. The food truck was located a fair way from our hotel so it gave me a good chance to walk both though the town itself and along the shore admiring the beautiful beach. The fish and chips at the end of this walk was well worth it as well.

I decided to skipped dinner after this meal given lunch was so plentiful and the fish and chip pack so large. I did briefly talked to other tour members who jumped out of planes for entertainment today, not my thing I think.

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