Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 51 Etosha to Brandberg, Namibia

Thursday 11 January 2018. Photos.
Highlights: Desert landscape, group bonding

Today we left Etosha behind us and headed deeper into Namibia and Southern Africa. The landscape keeps getting more and more arid and you can see the starts of desert all around us.

Also the roads started getting rougher but still better than East Africa for the most part. We did a couple of ‘bushy bushy’ (aka bush toilet) breaks and stopped at one local ‘village’ to look at what curios they sell and to provide a soccer ball to the young kids so they can play.

Arriving at our campsite in Brandberg at 2 pm everyone was looking forward to using the pool to cool down only to find that the pool had recently been drained. The heat lead to a few tour members upgrading to a room, as I’m now on the paid upgrade leg of the trip I’m already set not to sleep in tents in the intense heat. I did however offer Roz and Arran to opportunity to crash in my room so they didn’t need to put up a tent.

Most of the group gathered in the dorm room and covered every topic imaginable including the weight of an elephants penis, the stars, the meaning of life etc. The only problem is that when I went to my room at 11.30 pm most of the group stayed and kept going until at least 12.45 am which point I used my ear plugs to ensure I got some sleep. Still it was good to see the group bonding together.

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2 Responses to Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 51 Etosha to Brandberg, Namibia

  1. Etosha was the only place I didn’t manage to visit when I was in Namibia, I really want to go back I see what I missed 😉

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