Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 47 Ghanzi to Windhoek, Namibia

Sunday 07 January 2018. Photos.
Highlights: Group Dinner

Today I farewelled amazing Botswana and entered Namibia for the first time. This is the second last country of my 2017-18 Africa Trip and my passport is almost completely full, in fact it is over full as I had to remove the Brazil Visa to make room. I’ll be retiring my passport in the very near future after it served it’s full term well.

The border crossing took around an hour with the sole Namibia Immigration officer speeding up her process once she saw a huge line forming. Before that time she took a long while to find my Botswana exit stamp which happened to be on the very page she had open when she asked for me to find it, I very politely looked though the passport before coming back to the same page as I don’t think it’s a good idea to make an Immigration officer feel anything but fully in charge.

The moment we crossed the border it become obvious that we were moving into a more arid country despite the overhead cloud early in the morning. I know a desert is in my near future but first Windhoek awaited. This is the capital city of Namibia but didn’t seem overly big and being a Sunday very little was open.

Our campsite was near enough to the city centre but no one was exploring given it was 4 pm when we arrived. We went out to a group dinner at a nearby restaurant with most people going the buffet option but I wanted a specific pasta dish. This was a good group occasion as more bonding amongst the group occurred with topics ranging from world politics to hens and bucks night traditions across different countries with the UK experiences being the most eye opening!

My upgrade for the night was fairly basic to a pre-erected tent with a bunk bed. Unfortunately my initial tent didn’t have power but that was quickly fixed. I did fire off an e-mail asking about the amount I had paid for my upgrades compared to the charges for group members who were doing it on the go. The rooms and tents are fine but it appeared I was paying over the odds, however as at the time of writing this blog in Etosha I can see how at some places I get very expensive upgrades and at others some very basic but it averages out.

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