Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 45 Okavango Delta, Botswana

Friday 5 January 2018. Photos.
Highlights: Mokoro (canoe) ride, flight over the Delta.

Today we visited our bush camp experience within the Okavango Delta. This started with a 5.30 am one hour bush walk which I decided against doing being so early plus not really wanting to experience a lion while I’m on foot, I know a little weak but an extra hour sleeping felt worth it. After breakfast we broke camp and headed back to civilisation with another mokoro ride with our excellent poler getting both Richard and myself safety back after a wonderful and relaxing 1.5 hour canoe ride back.

After a 1.5 hour ride back on our mini truck we arrived back at the Delta Rain Campsite. I found myself particularly thirsty for most of the day. I ended up with some sunburn on my body, the worst was on my left leg under my knee. For the morning I wore full body clothing to ensure no additional sunburn.

In the afternoon 12 of our group had booked a flight over the Delta. Unfortunately the other On the Go Tour group’s truck had broken down which meant they went into town with us resulting in several people standing in the truck for the 20 minute ride. On the way back to camp I was one of those people which sucked in the heat but what can you do.

At the Maun International Airport we had to check in with our passports despite this only being a 45 minute round trip. Our airline for this light plane flight was Major Blue Air. We ended up on two 6 seater planes and take off was very smooth with us in the air at 4 pm.

The flight over the Delta provided a much different perspective of this semi arid area with water laneways and many small lakes. The landscape was stunning and very different to others I’ve experienced previously.

During the flight we witnessed elephants, a giraffe, impalas, zebras, hippos, various birds, warthogs and baboons but really it was the landscape that you fly to see. At one point the plane tilted so that I was basically looking straight down from my window, a real light plane experience.

I really enjoyed this flying and viewing experience.

Back at camp we enjoyed an included meal at the camp restaurant with gave us all a chance to swap stories from the first week of this leg of the tour. Roz with Richard and later Arran put on a dancing show for us all after dinner.

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