Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 17 Nakuru to Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Friday 08 December 2017. Photos
Highlights: Failing on the Hell’s Gate National Park Bike Ride

Not that I needed a reminder about my lack of fitness but I got one when when attempting to ride a bike to Hell’s Gate National Park and failed badly 😦

Today was the shortest drive by far at 79 km and just under 3 hours. This meant a leisurely leave campsite time of 7 am meaning 5.45 am get up which breakfast and clean up between 6.15 and 7.00 am. It’s a little thing and in my normal life I’d consider 5.45 a very early day but not on this overland trip.

Today’s new campsite for the next night is Cray Fish Lodge. A nice enough place that appears to be very central for activities. Originally I wanted to undertake the Crater Lake hike but being the only one willing to do that activity I reluctantly moved to the bike tour to Hell’s Gate National Park. After an early lunch ten people (including me) selected the bike option while four of the group sensibly stayed behind. I should have stayed behind as well.

So at a cost of $50 USD I set out onto the main road and towards the National Park. About 30 minutes in I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to complete this today without extreme effort and I’d be slowing down the group on this very hot day. I decided to call it a day now instead of later and returned to the campsite which was must easier, turned out it was mostly downhill going back which helped keep excess sweating in check.

The shame of the return ride made a little easier by all the children on the road wanting my to wave to them, something very common in Kenya. The return ride only took 20 minutes so I was only gone for 50 minutes, an expensive $50 USD for 50 minutes I guess but a lesson learned for future activities, know my limits and when I get home get fitter.

That night we all gathered for the final group dinner and we all took turns describing our best moments and toasting each other and our many different adventures over the past fortnight. This was the last night together as an entire group so laugher and fond memories were more on tap at the campsite bar along with alcohol of course πŸ™‚ Nick bought us all a shot of want I think was scotch and I tried the local cider. Reluctantly I called it a night feeling I’d really miss these character in particular James, Helen, Ang and Owen.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean Nathan! This happened to me in Bali! I’m not the best of cyclists as I had a bicycle accident a few years ago, so I was always going to be nervous rider. And after about 5 minutes on this cycling trek in Bali, I knew it was going to be a problem! I was so upset, as I knew for a fact that I would definitely slow everyone down, and they would all hate me because of it! My husband and son were sympathetic, but worse, I was supposed to be writing about it too!

    The organisers were very sweet though and put an older boy with me, and so we just went at our own pace. We didn’t divert to most of the snacks stops, but that was alright as most of the local snacks included coconut and I’m allergic to nuts, and besides, I just wanted to finish the tour at all costs.

    And I did. Phew! Here’s the link:

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