Bali 2017: Day 7 – Kuta (Bali) to Sydney to Melbourne, Australia

Wednesday 14 June 2017
Qantas Sydney Business Class Lounge, Returning Home
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The return home after each trip out of the country is always full of mixed feelings, sadness that your trip is over but excitement to see your home country again.  On this trip it was mostly just the sadness part as I’ve only been away for one week, Bali was full of Australians, and I was traveling with family members.

The flight home was on Qantas (see review here) in business class which makes the trip a little easier.  Still the seats barely recline and at just under 6 hours it’s not quite enough to fall fully asleep but too long to just watch movies.  I did visit my sister Lana and my niece and nephew in economy.  Harry was already fast asleep at the window seat so not problems for him with overnight flights 🙂

On landing we were delayed for a while waiting for a special health check on a baby and her mum who have been sick during the flight.  I guess they wanted to make sure the entire plane wasn’t bringing some kinda of virus back into Australia.  The moment I was back in the terminal I put on my jeans and fleece jacket to avoid the cold while waiting for Lana, Harry and Darby.  It was winter in Australia and even in the terminal, without the humidity of Bali, it felt cold.

We got passed border control fairly quickly, Lana, Harry and Darby went in the line with a human Border Control person while I used the ePassport Gate and was quickly though and waiting maybe 2 minutes for them to clear.  At Sydney International Terminal if you are flying Qantas on a connecting flight you can checkin for your domestic flight and catch a complimentary bus across the tarmac which is always a small highlight.

Once in the Qantas Sydney Domestic at Transfer Gate 15, were I had been approximately 7 days earlier, we quickly moved to the Qantas Sydney Business Lounge.  This served as a good place to get a quick breakfast and for the kids a chance to get back onto the Internet (how they lasted the night I have no idea!).  

Both Harry and myself made good use of the shower facilities which made me feel a little human again.  At this point I realised I’d somehow hurt my right leg, maybe the pressure of the aircraft cabin or sleeping incorrectly.

Harry in the Qantas Sydney Business Lounge

We boarded on time for the 9.30 am Qantas 421 to Melbourne.  This time I had selected a window seat and the aisle seat was empty which would have been amazing for the overnight flight but isn’t really needed in business class for an hour flight.  In Melbourne we found our bags had arrived without incident and my mum picked us all up and took us back to her place near the airport.  This allowed for an exchange of gifts, I think my mum liked her silver necklace and scarf.

Business class meal Sydney to Melbourne flight

We then boarded Lana’s car for the final leg back home.  The kids were mostly silent on the way back to my place in Southbank.  Harry was supposed to help keep his mother fully awake but I’m not sure he was even awake himself!  It was a fond farewell when I got to my place around 1 pm, great memories and a trip worthwhile.

At my place the recently adopted rescue kitten Indie seemed to have forgotten who I was for a few hours while I was doing the washing and doing a little clean up but when I took a catnap I woke to find a purring kitten curled up on my crest.  Looks like she remembered me after all 🙂

Indie did remember who I was in the end!

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