Lounge Review – Denpasar Premier Lounge

Premier Lounge Denpasar

When visited: June 2017
Time of day: Night (21.10 to 21.35)
Rating: 3 / 5

This is an independent Lounge which many airlines uses for their business class passengers.

I accessed the Lounge as both a QANTAS Platinum member and as Business Class passenger on Qantas flight.

Premier Lounge Entry

Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar). New International Terminal, Airside, 3rd Floor, near Gate 4.

The Lounge Area is fairly small or at least appeared that way when I visited due to the large number of visitors.  There are a few different areas including a small business.

Premier Lounge Food Station

There are two food stations located in the lounge area. One mostly for cold food (sandwiches, cold mini burgers and cakes), and the other one for a mix of cold and hot food (rice and chicken).  There is a station for juices, a self serve fridge with soft drinks and beers, plus a bar service.

Premier Lounge Food Station (Cold Food)

There are no showers or toilets that I could see in the lounge.  The business area with several computers (printing/photocopying facilities).  There are a few power outlets to plug in your laptop or other equipment.  I couldn’t logon to the free Wi-Fi but I found the general airport Wi-fi to be great.

Premier Lounge Business Centre

The view of the airport.  Comfortable chairs.  Nice food options.

Wi-fi that doesn’t work.  No showers or toilets (at least that I found find).  Overcrowded.

Premier Lounge Juice Station

A very basic lounge that due to the lack of facilities and non functioning Wi-fi you can easily give this lounge a miss and visit the nice airport general area including the lazy chairs.

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