Bali 2017: Day 4 – Kuta (Bali), Indonesia

Sunday 11 June 2017
Shopping, Asoka Full Body Massage, Drinking under the Stars
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Today was all about relaxation and being pampered.  A sleep in to 9 am followed by a leisurely breakfast than saw us wonder town to the Kuta Town Centre.  We arrived at the Discovery Shopping Centre as they were opening at 10 am and not longer after witnessed the staff of the centre engage in a morning dance.  Some staff looked very happy but a few definitely were just going though the motions.

Street shopping in Kuta

On our way back to the Resort Harry got to try out is ‘exceptional’ bargaining skills managing to get a trader on the beach to go from 2 sea shells for 150,000 rupees ($15 AUD) to 3 sea shells for the same price.  Harry was happy with this bargain.

Harry the master bargainer!

During the middle of the day I spent some time in the Dynasty Bali Resort relaxing with the kids.  Harry and Darby left at one point to break the world record on the Water slide leaving me and Erin to have a lazy floating contest.

Guess who won the Lazy Floating Contest?

In the afternoon I was scheduled for an Asoka Full Body Massage a specialty of the resort.  The massage went for 90 minutes costing 430,000 rupees (around $43 AUD) and used various relaxing aromatherapy oils and gentle music while the masseur  (who has been working there for 6 years) gently worked my entire body. 

It was a little bit of heaven with no pain (unlike every previous massage I’ve received) other then a small crack when adjusting my upper back.  I was so relaxed that I could barely walk afterwards and just wanted to lay down in blissful reflection.

Luckily my sisters had a final plan for the day to get me going again, drink cocktails under the stars at the H2O prior to dinner.   Any extremely pleasant experience drinking ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktails and wishing that today was an everyday experience.

My sisters Kara and Lana enjoying a drink with me under the stars

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