Bali 2017: Day 1 – Melbourne to Denpasar and Kuta (Bali), Indonesia (via Sydney) 

Thursday 8 June 2017
Highlights: Qantas Sydney International First Class Lounge, Seeing Lana at Denpasar Airport

I booked this trip with Qantas under a special promotion that would finally get me to lifetime gold membership with Qantas after 14.5 years which would get me free Lounge access and seat selection for life on Oneworld Alliance airlines. This trip also let me undertake a visit to the QF Sydney International First Class Lounge for the first time ever, this Lounge is rated in Top 5 and Top 10 International Lounges of the world regularly.

Qantas Sydney First Class Lounge

However far more important this trips focus was to spend some time with my two sisters Kara and Lana and my nieces Erin and Darby and nephew Harry.  Both my sisters had faced difficulties in recent times and Lana in particular had a significant health issue. Lana’s recovery was the greatest gift I could ever receive so I’m hoping this trip will be a nice event for her in celebration.

Kara and Erin left for Bali on staff travel on Tuesday flying on Jetstar via Perth.  Lana, Harry and Darby were flying today on Qantas to Perth and than Jetstar to Bali.  As a result we were messaging each other during the day as our flights were supposed to arrive within 5 minutes of each other.  This would be Lana’s first international trip as an adult and the first international trip for her children so it was important we meet up at the same time.

I caught the train from Melbourne to Broadmeadows in the morning.  My mum who lives near the airport generously picked me up and took me the rest of the way for me domestic positioning flight to Sydney.  My bag was checked in all the way to Bali and I was in the Qantas Melbourne Domestic Business Class Lounge around an hour before my flight.  I caught up with some urgent work in the lounge and started worrying that I hadn’t packed something important (no problems this time but I always second guess).

The flight to Sydney was in business class on a Qantas Airbus 330 which have amazing business class seats / pods (see review here).  Once at the Sydney terminal I found Gate 15 (International Transfers) and did the bus ride across the Tarmac to the International terminal.  Seeing these huge planes from the ground is always an amazing sight.

I was given an Express Pass so clearing Immgration didn’t take long and I was once again airside in the Sydney International terminal.  This time however I had access to the Qantas First Class Lounge which was amazing. I enjoyed; a Spa Treatment, stunning views of the airport, a great sit down meal service and just chilled out (see the review here).  It was as good as it gets from an Airport Lounge and unfortunately it spoiled my for the come down of my business class flight to Bali 🙂

The Qantas Boeing 737-800 is a single aisle plane with 12 business class seats (all full) and about 140 economy passengers (also all full).  The seats recline a little and definitely have good leg room and the entertainment system was fine.  However having experience the best Qantas domestic business class seat up to Sydney (way better than this seat) and one of the best 5 lounges in the world it was a little bit of a come down (see review here).

QF043 Sydney to Denpasar Flight

We landed a little early and the first thing I saw on arrival was my sister Lana’s flight was delayed for an hour.  That caused my concerns as I promised to meet her at the airport.  Luckily it downed out the display was wrong as I spotted Darby, Harry and Lana in the Immigration line 🙂

After immgration and customs it took us a while to find our driver to the Bali Dynasty Resort and even then we had to wait for another family.  The heat and humidity even at 10 pm at night was almost overwhelming, I guess having experienced minus temperatures in Canberra just 30 hours earlier so this was a difference shock!

Immigration at Denpasar Airport

A very short drive saw us at the Resort and my other sister Kara and a happy niece Erin greeted us.  So now we are all together for this six day adventure, bring it on!

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