Lounge Review – Qantas Brisbane Domestic Business Lounge

When visited: March 2017
Time of day: Late Afternoon (5 pm to 5.45 pm)
Rating: 4.5 / 5

This is a new lounge that opened in March 2017 and there were still some minor fixes to fixtures and painting that need to be touched up and will likely be completed by April 2017.

– Flying Business class
on a Qantas or QantasLink flight later that day.
Qantas Platinum member or Oneworld Alliance Emerald member departing on a on a Qantas or QantasLink flight later that day .
Emirates Skywards Platinum member whose next onward flight that day carries a QF or EK flight number and is operated by Qantas or QantasLink
– Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult given this is a licensed area.

I accessed the Business Lounge as a QANTAS Platinum member flying in economy later that day back to Melbourne.

The QANTAS Brisbane Domestic Business Lounge is located upper level of the airport’s domestic terminal.  There is now a special security screening area (Qantas Premium Lounge Entry) for anyone entering the Qantas Club or the Qantas Business Lounge.  The security entrance is at the left end of the terminal as you enter.

There is only one security lane at present which might be a major problem at peak times but wasn’t for me.  A Qantas staff member will check your eligibility to enter the lounge before entering the security line.  Once you are past security and go up the escalator you are inside the Qantas Club lounge (there is no further eligibility checks for the Qantas Club).

At the top of the escalator the Business Lounge is located on the left side (opposite a coffee station).  A staff member will check that you are eligible for this higher status business lounge inside the Qantas Club.

Note: You can also access the lounge from the normal terminal gate area.  This might be a good idea if the Qantas Premium Lounge Entry is packed with status passengers.

The QANTAS Business Lounge area is very large and provides limited views from the parking area to the QANTAS planes at the boarding gates. The main food serving and bar area is to the right after passing the Lounge entrance.  There are multiple different table areas, from more formal benches with napkins and cutlery set out to tables with nothing but apples set out.

The lounge area is relatively informal but being the higher status level lounge you are more likely to see businessmen and a higher dress standard (jeans yes, singlets no) and expected to be a little quieter.  There will definitely be members undertaking work activities and conversations.

There is a food station which you can use to make up nice sandwiches and take various cakes and bread based products.  There is also a ‘Cantina’ setup that serves up fresh Mexican-inspired meals to order but it was extremely busy when I visited.

There is a popular barista coffee service, juices, soft drinks, tea and water, unusually there isn’t a self-serve soft drink station (or none I could find).  The main bar for alcohol was extremely busy when I visited and doesn’t seem very well setup as it’s a free for all (no lines just find a space at the bar).  The main bar appeared to offer a good selection of wine, beer and spirits.

There is a smaller bar at the left hand side of the lounge (land-side end of the lounge) that isn’t very busy and offers a range of wines and a small number of beers and water (no soft drink options) which is probably a better bar to use when the lounge is busy.

There are several showers (no need to book), toilets, areas to watch pay TV (Sky News), an extensive computer area with printers and photocopiers, multiple tea / coffee stations and charging stations for most different cable connections.

There are more power outlets to plug in your laptop or other equipment then in other Qantas lounges but if you see a spot grab it quickly as they are at a premium.  Free Wi-Fi is offered but I didn’t test the speed.  There are various free newspapers located at the entrance of the lounge (which you can take away) and several magazines located in a reading area (which you should leave in the lounge).

The Qantas business lounge in Brisbane has suffered for a long time by being way too small, this new lounge fixes that although it can still be tough to find a spot in peak times.  The ‘Cantina’ offering was extremely popular and members going there free up the other food station area which I actually prefer.   The exclusive small bar at the land-side end of the lounge is a gem for wine drinkers.

There is still some finishing touches needed in the lounge.  A couple of areas still need a final paint layer, some of the carpet areas need vacuuming (I expect this will be quickly fixed as these are just issues associated with an opening).  The main bar got quickly overwhelmed with only two staff and no clear lining up for service setup so this needs to be fixed.

Excellent top level domestic Qantas lounge.  The exclusive security entry makes this lounge area feel special right from the start.  The lounge was a lot of natural light and is very well spread out.  There is no charge for food or drinks nor is tipping expected (or anywhere in Australia).  Once the finishing touches are completed I’d likely rate this the best Qantas domestic business lounge but right now it’s just behind Sydney’s lounge.

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  1. Rene Young says:

    Thanks for posting was just wanting to take a look at the refurbishments at BNE domestic 🙂

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