Back as a QANTAS Platinum Member

So after an incredible amount of work travel over the past year I’ve qualified as a QANTAS Platinum Member which also gives me Oneworld Alliance Emerald Status (their top status).

A Platinum member means; free and preferential seat allocation, no checked in baggage charges, check-in at first class and business class counters, access to first and business class lounges, more award seat access, and greater chances of operational upgrades (i.e. economy to premium economy or business class seats).

I have been at this level once before about 6 years ago and it lead to free upgrades (including for my nephew Andrew) and first class lounge in Melbourne and London (ie how the 1% live in luxury all the time).

As someone who travels the world this extras make life a little easier, especially finding award / redemption seats and taking showers at transit airports (common to transit in Asia when travelling from Australia) leaving me much fresher on arrival.

Now the level immediately below, which is QANTAS Gold / Oneworld Alliance Sapphire, also gives me access to a lot of these things (except first class counters and lounges) but at a lower priority. I’m getting very close to becoming a QANTAS Lifetime Gold member now having 13,115 status credits (14,000 are needed) which I have earned over almost 14 years flying. Almost there.

Since I’m planning to travel internationally for the rest of my life getting lounge access, free seat selection and free check-in baggage on the Oneworld Alliance airlines (which include British Airways, American, Cathay, Japan, Qatar, Finnair etc.) will be very useful in my personal life.

Work demands a lot, the amount of times I’ve had to get up at 4.30 am for an early morning work flight and return around 10 pm that night has almost driven me insane. This is one of the peaks which I intend to enjoy in my personal life 🙂

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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