World Trip 2016: Day 29 – Colombo to Galle and Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Saturday 7 August 2016.  Photos and Videos.

Highlights: Sri Lanka Vs Australia Test Match, Galle Fort

Today was the day I got to do an activity that I planned my entire 2016 world trip around,the Sri Lanka versus Australia Second Cricket Test Match.  I ensured that this entire trip was timed to allow for me to come closer to filling my bucket list item of seeing Australia play Test Cricket in six countries, I’m now got only two more to go.

First up we have to get to Galle from Colombo, as half the tour group had finished we were downgraded to a mini bus.  Several tour members who were leaving came down at 7 am to say goodbye for the last time.  I have to say I didn’t really get to know many people very well for this short tour but I did have many interesting discussions, especially about Canada.  The trip down to Galle was easy enough except when at one point another minibus almost caused into us to crash.

This was only the third day of the scheduled five day Test Match but Australia was in enormous trouble, the hope was David Warner and Steve Smith would stage a fight back that could at least get this match into the fourth day even if victory would have been a miracle.  Alas it was not to be and in fact Australia struggled to avoid defeat before the lunch break.

The group had seats in one of the few stands on this small picturesque ground by the sea, but most gave them up to go down to one of the grass areas.  I stuck it out until the lunch break worried there won’t even be a lunch break but Australia just managed to survive that long.  

This allowed me to exit the ground and explore the Galle Fort which was definitely worth my time.  There is a lot of restoration work going on but you could still see the main attractions in particular the Galle Clock.

The tuk tuk riders obviously thought I was incapable of walking 500 metres or so in the heat with all their offers of rides but I wanted to stretch the legs and explore the different levels of the fort.

On walking back to the ground I noticed a lot of locals were standing at the fences of the ground looking in, they knew an historic Sri Lanka victory was in sight.  Once back inside the ground I explored as must of the ground as security would allow me.  

There was a festive air from all supporters, even the Australian supporters were trying to make the most of this one sided match.  There was music and dancing, and that come before the victory about 40 minutes into the session.  Australia couldn’t even make it to half way in the match, so much for being the world number one Test team, this loss officially dropped us to second but I feel that we are way overrated.

The early finish might we were headed to our last hotel a lot earlier than expected in Hikkaduwa.  The Hikkaduwa Tranz Resort was amazing to look at but after arriving around 2.30 pm I had to wait to 3.30 pm to get my room, but the view I will enjoy for the next 5 nights is worth it.

Officially the tour has two more full days at the cricket. Right now the plan is to relax at the resort tomorrow and work out alternative activities for the remainder of my time in Sri Lanka.

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