Professional Presenting

One of the interesting changes of my professional life is the rather large role presenting to the superannuation industry now plays.

I recall a time when I wasn’t trusted to present, not that I didn’t have the knowledge, but because I just answered questions without filters, in particular admitting mistakes and my organisations thought process in decisions.

  Now I’m authorised to speak at National Conferences and directly to journalists and regularly present at State level events with hundreds of attendees and write a substantial part of presentations for more senior leaders.  Times change, trust is built and speaking with honesty creates a positive reputation that makes you more in demand.

Now I’m booked to speak at the Gold Coast for a Television Education Network event early September and a series of SMSF Adviser events on East Coast of Australia in November .  Both heavily promoted and costing reasonable amount of money to attend.  

To think back of the frustrations on being trusted to communicate to lawyers and accountants to the fulfilling role I have today. Being patient and honest (with limits) pays off, in the end just be yourself and if you have value your skills will be used. 


About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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