World Trip 2015: Day 15 – Cherrai Beach, India

Friday 1 May 2015
Fish wholesale market, Indian Massage

The last full day of the Indian trip.  Sajin suggested an early morning trip to the port to experience the fish trade.  This also result in my first Tuk Tuk ride of the trip which are always interesting with no seatbelts and chaotic driving conditions.

The market was packed with people.  Some bidding on the catches, some fishermen, some workmen, ice everywhere plus birds in for the free feed.  The richer men are usually out for 3 days before returning to port to sell their prizes.  It turns out their are a lot of fish in the sea but their stocks much be getting cut looking at these catches.

In the afternoon I organised for an Indian upper body massage.  The oil used was very hot, the aroma sweet.  It was definitely a relaxing experience instead of some massages which really work the pain.  On a bonus vibe I managed to finish a small sandwich today, first full meal in a while, I’m recovering 🙂

Sajin missed most of our final dinner oversleeping 🙂 I said goodbye to Kanae who is leaving at 5.50 am tomorrow and settled my hotel accounts (which took quite some time) organising my 12 noon driver for the airport.

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