World Trip 2015: Day 3 – Delhi, India

Sunday 19 April 2020
Indian TV, Meeting the group, Indian Dinner, Oganised chaos on the roads.

Another day mostly relaxing before the G Adventure tour begins tonight with our local meeting.  Again during the day there were  many power blackouts.

However I did get  the chance to watch a little Indian cable TV.  First thing is they blur anything that looks like nudity, I mean women with low cut dresses were blurred because you could see a little of the top of a covered beasts.  Second interesting thing was that relatively minor swear words like ‘ass’ are muted out.  Very weird, but it tells me this is a conservative country.

Our chief experience officer (CEO) for the first part of the Highlights of India tour will be Manu Rao.  At the meeting there were three other passengers, Ashleigh and Jess from England and Dianne from Canada.  Another couple is flying in tonight but this will be a very small group.  It looks like I will be the only person flying onto the south part of tour.

The tour briefing was heavy on safely and being careful on what to eat.  In fact not getting sick is a challenge I hope to win.  Basically we were told not to interact with beggars or talk to touts.  G Adventure does a lot of the disadvantaged though programs and discourages giving money to people begging in the streets, especially to children who may be kept out of school to beg.

We walked out into the local area to have dinner together.  On the busy streets (there are no foot paths) with cars honking, bikes everywhere and people cutting across the road with no notice, it was oganised chaos and a little hair raising.

At dinner I had the butter chicken (boneless) and garlic nan bread.  This was spicey despite not being listed as such, I think I’ll burn up having spicey food in India!

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