World Trip 2015: Day 1 – Melbourne to Hong Kong

Friday 17 April 2015
Highlights:  Free seat next to me

So the next adventure begins this time it’s India and Japan, countries I’ve heard a lot about from good friends and I now get to experience for myself.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Taj Mahal with my own eyes, visiting Sikh Temples, experiencing India chaos and Japan order.  Hoping I can avoid getting sick in India (fingers crossed)!

My fabulous mother dropped me off at the airport pretty much as checkin opened.  I know longer have high status membership with QANTAS but the last few months of my work paid QANTAS Club membership meant a faster checkin.

I returned a call from my young neice Erin, with her brother also overseas it must seem like she is always saying goodbye.  The flight was delayed for around 25 minutes.  I am hoping this is the last delay as I need to catch connecting flight in Hong Kong to Delhi and now transit time is down 2 hours.  I should make it but will my bag??

G Adventures confirmed my airport pickup just before I boarded which is great as arriving in a foreign country at midnight 20 hours after leaving Melbourne doesn’t make for a good time to experience problems.

I scored a window seat with no one next to me which meant more arm space and no one to climb over to get up from my seat.  Nice start!

We arrived 45 minutes late into Hong Kong but I still had enough time to make the connecting flight. The Hong Kong Airport is extremely modern. Free wifi and charging stations for your devices with more shops than a standard size shopping centre and clean toilets. Now for the Dehli flight.


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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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