26 Week Challenge: Half Way Mark

Well I’m not at the 13 week mark as at 13 December and I have to say it’s been a challenge. The weight decline has slowed considerably but I am 17 kilos lighter than the start (the aim was 20 kilos by mid-point).

When I started I said I had four areas for improvement:
1) Work-life balance
2) Health
3) Fitness
4) Weight

The work-life balance has been a struggle and I did end up working one weekend recently after being interstate visiting a client for 3 days but for the most part it’s working. During not to work though lunches and avoiding very late nights or weekends working is better than before the challenge but not where I’d like to be.

I’d say this is a 6/10 at the half way point.

Health is trending upwards. Detoxing has been interesting, no fast food in the 13 weeks but I struggled with having ultra-good vegetable juice drinks that a friend kindly provided for a 4 week period. Still not eating totally good food but the worst stuff has been cut. I’m playing around with the idea of chocolate being reduced to nothing or almost nothing, I’m not sure I can go without! I’d say 6.5/10 so far in health.

Fitness has greatly improved. I’ve played tennis through 35 degree days without too much a loss of energy, and I’m running balls down a lot easier. I finished the Albert Park Monday Night Tennis season well, even walking to the courts (60 minutes) instead of driving. I think I’m probably averaging 18,000 steps per day and recently I managed 40,000 steps or around 29 kms. While I’m not doing has much gym work as I did at the beginning I still do some. This has been the area with the biggest improvement 7.5/10.

With weight I feel disappointed. Yes I lost weight but that was from an extreme ‘wake up’ high. The downward trend has slowed. The obvious answer is I need to work on what and when I eat. The Christmas period and the multiple birthday events in November haven’t helped either. I’m off work for 2 weeks so I’m really going to though myself into this again and see if I can kick start the weight reductions again especially before my birthday on 9 January. So 6/10 on weight objectives.

So overall a lot still to do. I’m heartened by the fact I have for the most part stayed the course. Fast food withdraw should hopefully be complete, I’m definitely more active and while I’ve broken the work-life rule a few times at least I know I’m breaking the rule instead of not even having one previously. 13 more weeks to see what I can achieve.


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