Melbourne Zoo and Friends

On my last official day off since Christmas I got a chance to visit Melbourne Zoo for probably the first time in 15 years with Liza Villalobos and Sam Hall. Liza was my Tour Leader for the Panama Experience tour back in late January 2013 and has now married Sam and moved to Australia.

This was like a book end to the Animal Rescue Centre in Puerto Viejo that Liza took me to last January in her lovely Costa Rica. Liza definitely loves nature and the many animals that exist.

The best thing about having a visitor came to Australia is you get to see things you take for granted. Back in 2009 I got to experience Sydney through the eyes of my Belgium friend Inge.

I realised very quickly that it has been way too long between visits to this great Zoo. It’s also so easy to get there with a train station right at the back and a tram line right near the front. We spent about five hours there and we missed about 25% of the area.

For me the meerkats were the highlight. Funny creatures that stand up on their hind legs and you feel like they want to be the centre off attention :). The zoo attempts to have wide open spaces for the animals but there are limits. Despite this the elephants seemed to enjoy the various zones setup for them. Watching an elephant go for a swim and disappear under water was something I haven’t seen in Africa or Asia!

Zebras, Giraffes, Platypus, Lions, Tigers, Seals, Penguins, Orang-utans, Pygmy Hippopotamus and lots more to enjoy. Highly recommended to anyone visiting Melbourne, thanks Liza and Sam for the opportunity.


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