Myrtleford Easter Tennis Tournament – Day 4

The fourth and final day of the Easter Weekend Tournament saw me competing in Mixed Doubles with my partner Ivanka Kuric. The strange thing about the last day is the more successful you are the worst you will be physically and your drive home will be about an hour longer due to increased traffic.

Being the last day also meant it was pack up day as check out was 10.00 am combined with Kara and Reagan’s first match being at 8.30 am it meant an early morning start.

Ivanka and myself made it to the Quarter Finals winning our first two group matches:
D Grade Mixed Doubles (w Ivanka)
Annie and Andrew Robertson 7-4
Vicki Rae & Jack Forbes 7-1

But losing the Quarter Final to a last minute entry:
T Sebastien and J Rest 2-7

So no prizes for Mixed Doubles but I got my photo taken and picked up a prize for being runners up in the Singles on Saturday my first ever prize after coming down to Myrtleford for 12 years :).

The drive back took 3 hours 20 minutes which was fast considering one year time it took around 5 hours! An enjoyable time for my last major break before winter starts, now to enjoy football season.


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