World Trip 2012-13: Day 129 – Bocas del Toro, Panama

Saturday 2 February 2013
Highlights: Night Water Taxi with no lights and Festival Time!

After a night listening to the local music played until 3 am today was a day to ‘sleep in’ and enjoy my room overlooking the beautiful ocean. This town is definitely a party town based on last nights activity and the fact almost no one was up doing anything in the morning confirmed the pace was quiet during the day.

I spend a good proportion of the day strolling around town looking for possible gifts for family members. The rest of the was spent reading and relaxing on the balcony at my ‘villa’ like accommodation.

For dinner tonight we decided to take a water taxi to another island. The taxi was easily a highlight as we moved though the ocean without any lights. My senses were definitely on high alert!

Returning to the main island several of us went to the main square to enjoy the local festival. The men doing tricks with fire being a major highlight. The main part of our group was staying across from this square so I’m not sure how much sleep they will get. After purchasing some local ice cream I sat back and watched the festival while the hotel dog watched me hopefully (but without luck) that he might also enjoy my ice cream.

Panama Facebook Photos.



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